Step 2: Learning ootpik

It's Training Day!

We've made up a ton of videos to cover all the day-to-day tasks in ootpik. No more having to read through hundred of pages of dry paper manuals! Use the links on the left to guide yourself through all the different sections of ootpik. Sit back, and soak in the learning.

You'll notice we've broken up the training into two sections, one for front-end customer service tasks (Staff Training), and one for back-end administration (Management Training). You might also notice that some of the buttons on the left have green backgrounds, those are for Food and Beverage environments and may not apply if you are a retail-only shop.

Make sure to bookmark this page in your browser and refer back to it when you hire new staff or need a refresher on an administrative task. Keep in mind that more ADVANCED training videos are available in Step 4, but if you feel like we're missing any videos, please use the contact form below to request more.

Happy Learning!